Sunday, May 1, 2016

In Our Garden - May 1st

Happy May Day! I picked this bouquet from our May garden (more photos and details at the end of this post!).

Some of the lilacs are just starting to bloom...

...others are still buds.

The rhubarb is looking fantastic! I'm ready to pick some and cook with it. Yum!

We have just a few tulips left.

And the chives are beginning to bud.

There's some growth on the raspberry bushes, and just the hint of flowers to come.

The cherry tree is holding on to its blossoms.

The serviceberry tree, which was covered in white just a week ago, has only a few flowers left.

The rhododendron is looking stunning right now!

The ferns are beginning to uncurl.

The pagoda dogwood by our porch is beautiful.

I went out this morning to pick some of the spring flowers in our yard to make a May Day bouquet.

My guy and I go to my parents' house every Sunday for dinner, and we wanted a little something to take to them today.

A riot of pretty colors from the garden, plus a cheerful happy flag from Natalie Creates and a homemade tag by me (with washi tape!) were just what we needed!

I love the red edging on these yellow tulips...

Hope your Sunday is wonderful and filled with color!


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