Sunday, June 5, 2016

Peony Season is My Favorite Season

Actually, my favorite season is autumn, but still - almost nothing beats the brief peony season.

I feel like there's some sort of metaphor for life there - how beautiful but fleeting they are. But I'm not really coming up with anything eloquent for that. :)

A little ant made it in with this bunch.

(In the image below, the + pillow is from Pencil Me In Stationery, the house pillow is by Amanda Rydell of Be Crafty, and the jadeite vase is from Wise Apple Vintage.)

The bright pink peonies are from my own bush (I only have one! That needs to change). The pale pink below are ones my mom cut for me from her own garden. She has a number of beautiful colors.

I've been keeping the peonies on the porch, and when I open the door I'm greeted with the most glorious scent.

And when I'm home, I've been carting this vase around with me from room to room, just so I always have peonies with me!

A little crazy maybe, but what can I say?! Love me some peonies.