Monday, March 28, 2011

Penguin Party!

My sewing post from the other day reminded me of some hand-sewing that I had meant to share with you. At the end of January I hosted a Penguin Party taught by Becca Jo of Duckie Uglings. She makes the most wonderful creations out of repurposed sweaters, including these adorable party penguins:

She came over to teach a group of six of us how to make our own! Originally, we were going to have this be part of my birthday party, but we ended up postponing it. But Becca Jo was so sweet, and brought me this adorable owl as a birthday present anyway:

(The little guy even matched my skirt perfectly!)

I went a little penguin-crazy for the party, including making a centerpiece for the table with some of Becca Jo's penguins that I already had.

I even put out my penguin humidifier!

I made some edible penguins, as well:

These are so much fun! And very easy to make. You need two sizes of black olives, cream cheese, a carrot, and toothpicks. Slice one side of the larger olives and fill it with cream cheese. Put a tiny hole in the smaller olive, and put a mini slice of carrot in. Hold the two olives together with a toothpick, and just set two more small slices of carrot under the cream cheese for the feet.

But be warned! Each little penguin has its own personality, and it can be hard to eat them. :)

My guests got in to the spirit of the penguin party, too! My friend C brought some delicious bread on a cute penguin plate.

There was also penguin poetry for each guest:

The table was all set up with a workspace for each of us:

Becca Jo brought all the supplies we needed.

She showed us each step in creating our own party penguins.

We all made new friends at the party:

And it was so much fun to see everyone's penguin at the end:

They all had similarities, but I love how each turned out completely unique. The beauty of handmade!

Here's a close-up of my penguin:

Definitely a successful penguin party!

Becca Jo and I have talked about a spring-themed party coming up. In the meantime, check out the Duckie Ugling website and blog!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

darn. knit. {anyway}

About, oh, a year-and-a-half ago, my mom's friend gave me her old sewing machine when she got a new one. She knew that I had been wanting one, and I was so excited to receive it! I had quite a number of projects and ideas building up, and just needed a sewing machine to complete them.

Oh, and I also needed to learn how to use it.

So all those projects and ideas waited... and waited... until yesterday. I had recently discovered this fantastic store in Stillwater, Minnesota called darn.knit.{anyway}. (Check it out - so cute!)

Yesterday, they were offering a sewing class where you could bring your own machine in and learn how to use it. Perfect!

I had a fantastic teacher who showed me what I needed to know to work my machine, and then we got going on one of my projects: hemming some curtains!

I found these wonderful curtains at an antique store I love going to. They are most definitely homemade (love!) and it wasn't until I was buying them that I realized that they were two different lengths. Drastically so. But no more!

I cut and pinned and ironed and finally sewed! On my machine!

I didn't think to take a 'before' photo of the two different lengths, but I will show an 'after' when I get them hung. For sure.

And no visit to Stillwater is complete without stopping in at Tremblay's Sweet Shop for some of their salt water taffy...

...and visiting a few of the numerous antique shops. Here's just a sneak peek at some treasures that came home with me:

It was a wonderful outing, and now you can be sure you'll see more machine sewing around these parts before long!