Monday, August 30, 2010

Can You Guess What I Did This Weekend?

It involved a visit to the Farmers' Market...

Lots and lots of tomatoes...

(and quite a bit of mess...)

A number of different veggies, including hot peppers and onions...

And multiple trips out to the compost bin.

That's right; I was canning!

More photos, details, and finished product soon.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sweater #2

You saw Sweater # 1 and Sweater # 3 in previous posts. Here, finally, is the second sweater I made. Again, it was a pull-over sweater that I had in a pile of clothes to get rid of, because I didn't ever wear it anymore.


I started by cutting it down the middle in front again, to make it a cardigan. Then I hand-sewed on a yellow ribbon to tie it with, and I sewed a circle pin from various fabrics and felt. In the middle of the pin is a button (that I actually received on a package from another blogger, and which you've seen before in this post!).


The pin is removable if I don't want to wear it, or if I want to switch it out with something else. But I have yet to do that - I absolutely love this sweater!

[As you can see, these are old photos. I know Minnesota has snow most of the year, but even we don't have it in August! It's just taken me awhile to share these with you...]

This is definitely my favorite sweater of the ones I've made, and I wear it a ton! But I have more sweaters planned, so it may have competition soon... ;)