Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Gregor Farm and Greenhouse

Recently, my friend Melissa and I went to a new-to-me greenhouse (though it's not actually new at all - it's a family-owned business celebrating 40 years this summer!).

It was a gorgeous day, and absolutely beautiful there. I kept alternating between snapping photos and snatching up herbs, veggies, and flowers to put on our cart!

I also got to feed the chickens! Melissa keeps her own chickens, so that was maybe slightly less exciting for her. ;)

They can jam there as well, and I couldn't resist taking a jar home with me (I chose Dolgo Crabapple, which is an absolutely beautiful jewel-toned jam - and it tastes delicious too!).

And they have three silkies! How cute are these guys?!

We left with a trunkful of plants and our heads full of plans for our own gardens!


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