Monday, September 20, 2010

Dill Pickles and Chocolate Cake

How's that for an appetizing post title?? Just thought I'd finally share with you what I hinted at in my Labor Day post.

The canning was dill pickles - I opened one of the jars before I even got around to taking photos. They were delicious! I'm so happy with how they turned out.

This was the first canning that I did completely on my own. My mom got me a canning set similar to this one, though for less money and from out local hardware store. I'm so thrilled; it's the perfect 'just because' gift! I've used my set again since the dill pickles, so I'll share more with you soon.

The baking was chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. It's from this book, and was incredible. I have a very good friend who was going through some hard times, so I looked in the 'comfort food' section of Nigella's book, and knew that this would be the perfect thing to make and share with her. I love how at the end of the recipe Nigella says that this cake "serves 10. Or 1 with a broken heart."

We only managed one piece each, so I took the rest in to school to share with my co-teachers. It disappeared pretty quickly. :)

I have so much more to share with you! Lots of crafty things have been happening 'round these parts. I'll be back soon...


  1. Hi! Wow, you are one nice colleague to have around. There hasn't been anything like that around my school on the first day!
    Can't wait to see your crafty things.

  2. So impressed with your canning. That's something I've been wanting to try for ages.

    And the cake looks delicious! We just watched the first episode of the new Nigella series on Thursday and already looking forward to this week's episode.

    K x

  3. your cake looks yummy , I've actually just watched Nigella on the TV , her cheesecake - oh wow :-))

  4. The pickles look delicious! How kind of you to make a chocolate cake for your friend and work colleagues.


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