Saturday, September 4, 2010

Farmers' Market Flowers

In general, when I go to the Farmers' Market I'm there for the food. But it is often so hard to resist the beautiful flowers! Last weekend when I went, I got this gorgeous bouquet. I saw someone walking with one, and it took my breath away. I knew I just had to take some home with me!

{I absolutely adore chinese lanterns.}

I found that my floral arrangement dried beautifully, so this morning at the market I picked up a similar bouquet to add to the first one. As you can see, more unique plants were in this one! [And there's my sweet girl in the background...]

I took the pink ones out, and put them in a vase on their own (you can just see them there, to the left of my big guy's ear).

Now I have an enormous bunch of flowers! They make me heart-skippy happy (to borrow Lucy's phrase) every time I look at them (and the eucalyptus leaves smell wonderful).

And since they dried so nicely, my fall flowers really should last me through the whole fall.

Welcome, September!

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  1. I love chinese lanterns too , last year I searched all over some but couldn't find any so this year I looked for seeds but couldn't find any of those either :-(..... oh and after reading your first post I'm now eating salsa and chips :-)


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