Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Wonderful Weekend

Happy October to all of you! It is definitely feeling like fall around here, and I'm loving it!

I could not have asked for a better weekend to start off this month. I work a few jobs in addition to teaching, so I frequently work at least one day of the weekend. But this weekend I didn't have to work at all, and it felt rather indulgent to have two whole days to do whatever I wanted! Saturday was packed full of things I love:

The leaves have started to change, and we had glorious weather. Perfect for crunching through leaves that have already fallen!

My first stop was The Red Balloon, a fabulous children's bookstore.

I went to see an author I absolutely adore - Patrick Ness. If you enjoy YA lit, or have a teen in your life, please, please check out his books. He is amazing. It was incredible to meet him, and he was so nice! He signed all my books and we got to chat a bit.

Then I figured since I was in the neighborhood anyway, I better stop by a few of my favorite shops. Just down the street from The Red Balloon is Cooks of Crocus Hill. Can you see their colorful window display?

I better show it closer! I love Le Creuset, and seeing it lined up together in all its rainbow-y goodness makes me so happy!

Next stop, just half a block up, is The Yarnery. More beautiful rainbow colors!

I couldn't resist a little yarn treat for myself. I even got to wind it all on my own, for the first time ever! I was thrilled to bits, probably more so than I should admit...

Then a stop at Bread & Chocolate for refreshments - I needed a break from so much excitement! ;)

I had their Fabulous Fudge bar (it does indeed look fabulous, doesn't it?) and a chai tea latte while I read my current book.

After my little break, off for a bit more shopping along one of my favorite streets.

I just had to stop in at Everyday People:

But my main reason for heading over to these cute little storefronts was that my friend J was having the grand opening for her new clothing store! It was so wonderful, and she has done such a nice job that I think it may deserve a post of its own.

Finally, I finished off the day with a walk by the river with my guy, admiring the gorgeous fall colors.

Today was great, too. Not as exciting, perhaps, and certainly not as indulgent. But it was wonderful to spend the day at home, working on the house and yard, and fitting in a lot of reading, as well.

I'll be back soon with more photos of the goodies from this weekend, and the beautiful fall colors. See you then!


  1. Oh what a wonderful day out! I'm ready to move to St. Paul! K x

  2. A beautiful blog post full of colour!

  3. what a lovely stroll!

    (and did you buy any clothes???)

  4. looks like so fun. glad you enjoyed your weekend. it's been so nice here lately. I really want to soak it all in!

  5. I'm a major fan of le Creuset too! Well, it's a bit of a tradition, being French!

  6. Oh, your posts make me so nostalgic.
    I mean, I think about Minnesota EVERYDAY since I came back, this is just into me. I miss it a lot and wish I could go back there at least to visit or even better to live there.
    But that post make me realize HOW MUCH i miss it... And oh well, great, I'm crying now!!!


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