Friday, September 18, 2009

Etsy Favorites: Frazzy Dazzles

This week's featured Etsy seller is Frazzy Dazzles. My order came sweetly wrapped including cute little buttons and an original drawing that matched my purchase:

Inside was Lish-ee, the bed monster, as well as some surprise Australian chocolates!

My bed monster promptly stole half my chocolates, but I managed to get the rest for myself:

Lish-ee's new home - my bed! (Very appropriate place for a bed monster).

[Somewhere in that blur is a sneak peek at next week's Etsy favorite].

Frazzy Dazzles is Big O-approved! Make sure to stop by her blog, too, to see all of the cute crafting that is going on.


  1. Thanks again for liking what I do. I just need to do more of it and not get side tracked! Thanks for featuring me on your blog. Of course I knew where to find you. Your on my blog roll! Have a fabulous weekend. We're packing in as much family time as we can before the week pulls us all in different directions. Again!

  2. I agree with you, the monster kinda greedy!!

    Thanks so much for all your lovely comments on my blog - I never really thought of an Etsy shop...but I'll keep it in mind for sure!


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