Saturday, August 15, 2009


As I was writing my last post, I couldn't find the link I needed for the card. So I was looking through the Crafty Crow to find the link, when I came across a link to this awesome necktie snake.

I happened to have a number of ties on hand because the last time I fixed up a tie, I thought it was so fun that I got a bunch more at the thrift store. I hadn't gotten around to doing anything with them yet, but here was my chance! First, I picked my tie:

Next, I sewed buttons on for eyes:

Then I stuffed the "head" with just a little bit of cotton filling:

After that, I sewed the back up and added a tongue:

Done! This was one of those great projects where I already had all the supplies that I needed. I even had the googly eyes it calls for, but I thought that they would stay on better if I sewed buttons on rather than use glue. That is also why I only stuffed the head, rather than the whole body. I wanted to give it a little dimension, but still be wearable as a tie.

From seeing this tie online, to gathering the supplies and making it was approximately 10 minutes. Awesome!

Here it is in its new home (and can you spot the two other ties I've blogged about?):

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