Monday, August 27, 2012

Canning Strawberry Jam

I know when you think August, strawberries aren't the first thing that come to mind! But the pick-your-own place that we like to go to has ever-bearing strawberries, and we picked a lot of them this week.

The place where we like to get our strawberries is a family-owned organic farm, about a forty minute drive south of us. 

Last summer we picked here for the first time, and we loved it! The family is so sweet, and we enjoy visiting the farm. 

I've canned a lot of raspberry jam, but last summer was the first time I made strawberry jam. It was so good! Like, eat-it-with-a-spoon-out-of-the-jar good.  

We decided we needed to make a lot of it again this summer, because we need to make sure it gets us through until next summer.

So two trips to the farm...

...and 24 pounds of strawberries later...

...we have about 50 half-pints of strawberry jam! 

Although that probably should be enough, we made three trips to the farm last year... we're thinking another visit may be in order! 

 PS The recipe I used for our strawberry jam is from this book


  1. This looks totally lushious! I drove past a pick-your-own last weekend and didn't stop...kind of regret it now! :(

  2. So nice to see your post. Thanks for the tip! We've been looking for a good berry-picking farm. Any ideas on a good place to pick pumpkins around here? I would love to find one that grows heirloom varieties. By the way, we went back to two pony gardens last weekend. I thought of you. I hope you're well.


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