Friday, July 13, 2012

DIY Inspiration Boards

I'm taking the most amazing online class this summer - Pages and Paint. Our teacher, Sarah, is fantastic. Part of our assignment this week was to set up the space we were going to create in, and to start our inspiration boards. Both of these assignments were perfect for me, because those two things were on my 'to-do' list anyway! I started reorganizing my studio this past winter, but then things got busy and some of my projects never got finished. This class was just the motivation I needed to finish up my craft space! 

I had two inspiration boards that I made that have been ready forever, I just needed to get them on the wall and start putting things on them. When I looked back through my photo archives to find the 'before' pictures, I realized that I have had these done since September 2009. Wow! Only took me close to three years to actually get them on the wall...

I found these frames at the thrift store for next-to-nothing, and took out the prints that were in them. Then I primed and spray-painted the frames. 

I got some corkboard at a craft store, and covered it in fabric, and attached it with a staple gun in the frames. 

Then they sat for almost three years until I finally got around to putting them up...

Just this week, I attached some bakers twine to the back of the frames and hung them in my studio. Then I started putting up inspiring photos, art, and handmade items. It's still a work-in-progress for sure, but I'm already enjoying seeing all that inspiration up on my wall! 

Among other things, I have a quotation from Sarah, and a page from a children's book:

Flowers crocheted by me (yellow) and a friend (purple):

A photo of my mom in high school, and a rat by Duckie Uglings:

Bunting I made out of paper and baker's twine (they were part of some baby shower invitations I made awhile back):

I'm so excited to keep adding to my inspiration boards, and I'm looking forward to what the next couple of weeks in this class will bring.

Do you have an inspiration board? What types of things do you like to put on it?


  1. Hi Katherine, I came on over here from Paint & Pages class to see if I could get more peeks inside your adorable studio. You have great style.


  2. Hello, I'm popping in from Paint & Pages as well. I just love your boards. I'm going to go hunt some frames down and do the same thing. They are just perfect. I really love the little bunting as well. So cute.


  3. Great inspiration boards. Is that Jenny Linsky I spy?

  4. I love your craft space and inspiration boards! I used to have inspiration boards but took them down. Yours look so much more interesting with their fancy frames. I may put some up again!!!

  5. Looks amazing! How fun is it perusing other people's inspiration boards?!? Loving that blue glass lamp, and thinking I need to "borrow" your idea for your knitting needle holder. Mine are in a tin, but I am WAY preferring a clear glass vase! :)

  6. Hi Katherine! It's so nice to get a glimpse into your creative space. That class looks awesome. I can't wait to see what else it inspires!
    I hope all is well with you!

  7. Katherine, i love your studio.
    Please, tell me where it is in your house, I really don't recognize he room... Is it in your office that was next to the living room ??
    I think this is just so cute : your desk, all the cute boxes underneath, the inspiration boards of course and also, i(m just in love with those cute paper chains.
    You're so inspiring Katherine... Too bad i'm not pattient enough to make that kind of stuff...

    1. It's the second bedroom upstairs - used to be the guest room but we moved that to the basement. :)

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  9. I don't have one, but love your creations. And your mum looks straight out of a Mad Men episode- super nice and inspiring indeed!


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