Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy December (and a Giveaway!)

Today is the first of December, and that means:

I put up the advent calendar (handmade and bought years ago by my parents - this is the one I grew up with)...

Put out the Christmas books...

And chose a tree!

(I knit that hat myself! More about that soon).

Twinkly lights at the tree place.

The lights are on the tree now, and so is the angel, but the rest of the ornaments will have to wait till the weekend.

But now, on to the giveaway! I have three, that's right, three different prizes you can win. And three ways for you to enter - read on.

One prize is a set of three ornaments made by me (inspired by ornaments in the December 2008 Martha Stewart Living).

The set includes:

a wreath,

a candy cane,

and a snowflake.

Remember the handmade wrapping paper I posted about here? Well, I am also giving away two yards of hand stamped wrapping paper, in two different patterns:

one yard of candy canes,

and one yard of trees.

And finally, I am giving away a set of ten hand stamped cards (similar to the ones in this giveaway):

with ten matching envelopes.

The set of cards will come tied up with a pretty ribbon. The cards feature red, poinsettia-esque flowers with a little glitter in the center. The winner will have a choice of what else is stamped on the cards. If you win, you may choose to use them as thank you cards:

Or Christmas cards, with a stamp on the outside that says 'Merry! Merry!':

Or a stamp on the inside that says 'Merry Christmas':

The words are shown stamped in red, but can be stamped in green if you prefer. The cards can also be left blank.

So here are the three different ways you can enter:

1. Leave a comment on this post telling me something you've made for Christmas, or something handmade that you hope to get for Christmas (links to your blog or elsewhere on the internet are more than welcome!).

2. Follow me, and then let me know that you did by leaving a second comment. (If you already follow me, let me know that with a second comment!).

3. And finally, link to my giveaway on your blog, and then leave me a comment letting me know you've done so.

Three prizes. Three ways to enter. Your chances of winning are great!

Happy December to you all.

Edited to add: I will leave comments open for a week, and draw the winners on Wednesday, December 8th.


  1. You're so organized! Love the photo of the lights and very impressed by all your craftiness!

    I'm knitting G the necktie in Purls of Wisdom. I think it's quite spiffy, but I wonder if he'll actually wear it?!

    K x

  2. Happy december to you too! Mine started with a bang, as you can see on my blog.
    This year I am making 75 wedding favours as my main crafty activity, but as soon as I get my Xmas wish (patchwork cutting board & accessories), there'll be no stopping me...

  3. oh so fun-i love giveaways and these are fun prizes!
    i've been making lots of crocheted goodies :)
    thanks for stopping by~

  4. I'm a follower! Looove that advent calendar!

  5. I'm making my sister some tawashi scrubbies for part of her holiday gift : )

  6. What a beautiful tree, and paper, and, well everything you do!

    I make my gifts every year. This year I made soap, bath bombs, lip balm, and cards. last year jam, crackers and cheese.

  7. Ooo! Fun Christmas stuff! I made my mother-in-law a quilt for Christmas and already gave it to her when they were here for Thanksgiving. She was so excited she got teary. That is the best feeling ever.

  8. Oh My God, Katherine,
    I recongnize those ornaments that were part of a bow you sent me and that I used last Chrismas...
    You're just so good making things : cards, ornaments, clothes, decoration in your house (and by the way I miss your house even more now with all those pictures...)


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