Saturday, November 27, 2010

Crafty Tattoo

So exactly three weeks ago today, I got... first tattoo!

It took me awhile (umm...about a decade) to decide on both which part of my body and which image I wanted. And I finally came up with the one that is just perfect for me.


I got my tattoo at Beloved Studios, and if you are near the Twin Cities at all, I highly recommend it. I couldn't have had a better experience, and my tattoo artist was incredible. She was patient, accommodating, and she put me at ease right away.

I came in with my design drawn up and in the size I wanted, and she helped me tweak it a little to make it turn out well as a tattoo.


I knew I wanted an image that would always mean something to me, so I chose Minnesota...'embroidered' on me! It was a way to combine a love for my state with a love for all things crafty.

After (red and bandaged!)


I love this tattoo! It makes me so, so happy every time I look at it.



  1. Oh you're so cool! I haven't even worked up the courage to get my ears pierced...! K x

  2. That is a pretty awesome design! Good on you. =)

  3. congratulations!! it looks great :)

  4. Very cool ink! I fantasize about getting a tattoo, but don't have the guts!


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