Monday, January 4, 2010

A Warm Welcome... 2010, and to anyone who is still visiting this blog! I can't believe how long ago my last post was. I had all these posts planned for December, and then I had space-on-computer issues, and camera-batteries-dying issues, and loading-photos-to-computer issues. Most of those issues are now resolved, so I should be able to be back here more. And speaking of resolutions, mine is to blog more (and more consistently) this year. I'm not going to set a specific goal, just ... more. That should be doable!

Antique ornament on my tree - the photo on this year's Christmas card. Maybe I'll even get around to showing you the whole card...

I've also decided to unofficially join Project 365 this year. Unofficial, because (as you may have noticed) I sometimes have trouble posting things. Taking photos - no problem. Sharing them online in a timely manner - sometimes doesn't work out. I read about Project 365 last year, but too late to join. This year, I read about it again on Ali's blog, and in time to start it, no less!

You may have to wait awhile for my 365 updates, but in the spirit of Project 365 I have decided to share some of my recent holiday photos with you each day this week. Photos, and maybe a few words. But nothing as wordy as this post!

Taking time out from tree decorating to put up my feet...

...and drink some hot cider.

See you tomorrow, friends.

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