Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Recent Project

A friend of mine has a table and chairs that belonged to his parents when they were first married. The chairs may not have been recovered since then, and they needed some work. I helped pick out fabric and brought over the tools we needed to fix up the chairs, including my staple gun.

Mostly what needed fixing were the bottoms, because there wasn't any support there, and so the cushioning had been pushed out over time:

We took all the seats off the chairs and cut and sanded wood to the right size, then attached the wood to the frames of the seats to support the cushions.

Then we took the fabric we had picked out, and recovered all the chairs:

His idea was to do each one in the same fabric, but a different color. 

And it was so easy to do! You just cut the fabric to the right size, pull it taut over the cushion, and use the staple gun to secure it to the frame. The hardest part was definitely making the bases for the cushions. If you have a chair with enough support already, you can recover it in no time. Go try it!


  1. hello, you are a winner! please stop by my blog at and contact me via my profile. You have won one of the canvas prints. I'll need to know where to ship your gift to. Thanks so much!

  2. I love the different color scheme,looks awesome.

  3. Oooo lovely. We are planning on doing a similar thing with our dining chairs!


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