Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Saturday

Last Saturday the sun came streaming into the house for the first time in what felt like a long time (at least when I'd been home to enjoy it!).

It was finally warm enough to open the windows...

...which the cats took full advantage of.

I took advantage of the energy that comes with a beautiful day. Among other things, I:

* made these chocolate "freckle" candies. I got the idea (it's so simple you can hardly call it a recipe) from Gingerbread.

* scrubbed the kitchen floor (not everything gets a photo). :)

* vacuumed the whole house.

* did a bunch of laundry.

* cleaned out the freezer. (And it looked so pretty as the cold air hit the warmer air in the sunlight).

* and made these cherry ice cubes. My mom used to make these for my birthday parties when I was little. Now I like to make them and put them in lemonade. I guess the warm weather got me thinking about it! You just take maraschino cherries and put them in your ice cube tray, then fill it like you usually do. This photo is from before they went in the freezer. Once they're frozen they look lovely and frosty and pink!

After a very grey, rainy/snowy week, the sun is out again on this beautiful Saturday. Temperatures are supposed to be up. Here's hoping for another productive day! I'm off for a run now to enjoy this spring weather.

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