Tuesday, June 17, 2008

One Local Summer #2

Ok, so I got everything done on Sunday that was on my to do list, except for writing about my second week participating in the One Local Summer challenge. The part I'm finding challenging is not making a meal with local ingredients, but posting about it! So anyway, this is late.

Late, but delicious! We got a pork steak, new potatoes, and sugar snaps from the St. Paul Farmer's Market. I grilled the pork steak and the potatoes, and they were so good. I added salt, pepper, and oregano to the potatoes before putting them on the grill (none of those three things were local, but that still fits in with the guidelines for the challenge). The wine is actually from Iowa, but it was bought locally - a friend who lives there gave the wine to us.

M really wanted me to share the pork steak with her, but no such luck!


  1. Those potatoes do look scrummy! Little m looks like a scrummy little cat too! She has a lovely coloured fur coat.

  2. Ooo I wish I could have joined you. The meal sounds (& looks) delicous!

  3. Mmm, your meal looks too yummy! I like the idea of making a meal using local ingredients.

  4. Good for you! Making local fod is not an issue here but the local wine is generally not good (and that's putting it politely!)


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