Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'd Like to Introduce You to My Family

I always think it's fun to have at least an idea of whose words you are reading. So I would like to introduce you And my immediate family.

This is me. 

My husband. He's a musician, so you get a photo of his guitar.

My beautiful baby girl, Mary. She just happens to be the model for my profile pic.

My handsome baby boy, Oscar. Look, you can tell he knows just how handsome he is!

Kitty photos by my friend, C.


  1. I have really enjoyed stopping by your bog Katherine. It is crisp and clean and I love those pictures of your feline family. Our Siamese has spent the morning on The Golden Child's knee and is now lamenting the fact that it is a school day and he has left the building! jen

  2. thanks for the introduction! i love the wedding photo with your pink chucks. two years ago some friends got married and they wore matching black & white checkered vans. the kitties are great, too!


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