Sunday, July 12, 2015

Flower Pot Before and After

I have a long list of projects that need to get done, but most of them have to wait until summer finals are done (so soon!). But in between work and homework I've managed to fit in a few small projects to keep me sane.

These three pots have been sitting in my garage waiting for their makeover. I found them on the side of the road; someone had put them out for free. There was an original price tag on one still, and it said $20, so that's essentially $60 worth of pots there for free. That was a good find!

I also had this little one from a craft store.

I was out of white spray paint primer, but just had to do this project. No more waiting! So I used my grey primer and that worked just fine.

Then I spray painted them a bright, cheery yellow.

When I picked up flowers for my window boxes, I also got some for these pots.

I really love how the colors look together!

I had a few extra plants after I'd potted most of them in the yellow flower pots, so I put the remaining ones in this pot. It was given to me as a gift a number of years ago by some students of mine at the end of the school year - they painted it and planted basil in it. Such a thoughtful gift! I'm still using the pot all these years later.

And in the small flower pot I planted this pretty plant for my porch.

The big ones went on the steps up to the house!

I enjoy seeing them there every time I come home. Such a small amount of work for such a lot of pleasure!

This past Monday we also had an unseasonably cold day.  It rained a ton most of the day, and really put me in the mood for roasting veggies, though that's definitely not a typical July meal. :)

I have a little herb garden just outside my kitchen door, and the thyme grows back prolifically each year. I love using it in cooking!

We had sausage, roasted veggies, and a salad for dinner that night, and it was all delicious!

The rest of the week has been pretty sunny, and now we're working our way towards 90 degrees, so probably no more meals like that for awhile!

But all the sun means I get to enjoy the light in the house.

So glad to have these flower pots checked off my list, and to be enjoying them in our home!

(Bird hoop and cage, yellow pillow, and pink bench on my porch are all from the Be Crafty/White House Girls sale).

Thanks for reading!
xo, Katherine

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  1. Your pots are lovely and very inspiring. I look forward to finally being able to do similar things in my own home soon.
    Thyme will be a must in my garden too, yours looks like a great big plant!


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