Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fern Watercolor

Last Monday, May 21st, was my mom's birthday. We had her and my dad over for a special dinner and presents. 

My mom loves ferns, so I made some fern art for her. Remember this post with the oak leaf? I used the same coloring book and tracing method, and used another page from the same linguistics book.

Then I painted the fern in with watercolors.   

I had the book page professionally framed here (they do an amazing job!).

My mom collects different editions of Pinocchio, and when my guy and I were at Powell's last summer, he found this for her.

We wrapped her presents in kraft paper, doilies, and baker's twine.

She loved them!


  1. Love the fern, but your wrapping idea is just the BEST! It's classy and elegant: very nice indeed!

  2. Lucky Mom!!! Thoughtful presents beautifully presented. x

  3. Beautiful presents - Love the fern art!


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