Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine's Toast

Tell your loved ones how you feel with toast this Valentine's day! 

 To make this love-ly breakfast (sorry, couldn't help it!), start by toasting two pieces of bread.

Choose a red jam in any flavor you like (I used some of the homemade raspberry jam we make every year).

Take a heart-shaped cookie cutter, and cut out the shape on one of the pieces of toast.

On the other piece, spread a thick layer of jam.

Put the cut-out piece on top of the other, and your sweet Valentine's toast is done!

I'll be making this for my guy for breakfast on Tuesday.

Have fun with different shapes!

(The part you cut out is cute with a little jam on it, too).



  1. Oooh what a cute idea. Your guy is very lucky!

    K x

  2. Hi Katherine! I have not been by for ages but am glad that I dropped by. The jammy toast looks delicious and I really like the cut out bits with jam on too! Just had a look at some of your older posts and found them really inspiring especially the leaf painted onto printed paper.

  3. È un'idea divertente, peccato averla scoperta dopo S. Valentino. L'anno prossimo non dimenticherò di fare visita al tuo blog in questo periodo. Buon carnevale, hai qualche nuova idea?

  4. My gosh! I can't believe I missed this post till today - so cute it almost hurts!

  5. that is so cute.. pity I will have to wait till next but I can admire them till then haha xx

  6. Hi! Haven't heard from you in ages. Hoping all is well!


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