Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Knit Bow Ear Warmer With Pattern/Tutorial

Last week I discovered a new-to-me blog, and completely fell in love with it. It's Rebekka's blog, Dear Friend (found via Stephmodo). Go check it out! You will not be disappointed. Rebekka writes in such a sweet way, and she has beautiful photos. In addition to that, she has started to knit, and knits up the most wonderful things. On Friday, as I was looking back through her archives, I saw this bow ear warmer that she had made:

Photo from Dear Friend, used with permission from Rebekka.

I just knew I had to have one for myself, but there was no pattern to go with it, so I made one up. I thought I would let you know how I did it, in case you would like to make one, too! (And I heard from Rebekka that so many people wanted to make it, that she's writing up a pattern for it and is hoping to post it soon. I wonder how similar our patterns will be?)

This is one of those projects that is so satisfying. As soon as I saw the photo, I looked through the yarn in my stash, and grabbed this one. Then I knit here and there over the weekend (by the fire...), and then had my guy take photos of the finished ear warmer for me on Monday. So quick and easy!

I didn't think to take photos of the process until I was almost done, but I'll do my best to explain what I did. The yarn I used is Vintage Chunky by Berroco, and the color is 6165 (if you're local, I'm pretty sure I got this at The Yarnery. I just had one skein - if I remember correctly, it was an impulse buy. I just couldn't pass up the color!).

If you want yours to turn out with a similar look, you do need a chunky yarn. Mine called for size 10 needles, but I used size 11 (when I went to grab my 10s I only found one. Not one pair, just one. And I couldn't wait to start the project, so I used 11s).

The main difference that I see between mine and Rebekka's is that I knit a decorative edge on, which you can do or not. Basically, I purled the first stitch in each row, and knit the rest. So here's what I did:

Cast on 16 stitches.
Row 1: knit 15 stitches, slip remaining loop onto needle holding previous 15 stitches.
Row 2: purl first stitch, then move yarn behind needle so it is ready to knit. Knit 14 stitches, slip final stitch onto needle.
Repeat row 2 until your desired length. You want it to have to stretch a little to go around your head. I just kept holding mine up to see if it was long enough. Once you reach desired length, cast off.
[If you don't want the edging I did, skip slipping the last stitch and purling the first, and just knit all stitches.]

I then used a tapestry needle to sew the ends together.

This is what it looked like when they were sewn together - then flip it so the seam is on the inside.

To make the bow, I just took a long length of yarn, and wrapped it around the band over and over, then sewed the ends in. Originally, I thought to wrap it around where the seam was so that it wouldn't be visible, but the seam was a little stiff and didn't gather well - but you could definitely try it on the seam and see if you have better luck!

I've never written a knitting tutorial before, so if you have any questions or if anything is unclear, let me know in the comments.

Also, if you are interested in a photo tutorial for the edging, let me know. I'm visual and learn better if I can see what I'm supposed to be doing, and I would be happy to put that together if anyone would find it useful!

Do let me know if you end up making one of your own.

Happy knitting!


  1. I think after reading only 2 posts, I am going to really enjoy your blog! I love the knit ear warmer! It looks so simple, yet elegant with an added detail. Thank you for explaining the edging. I may have to try that. I would say I am an expert crocheter, know a little about knitting, and enjoy simple little sewing projects. Knitting intimidates me, but am getting more comfortable.

    Like you, I also meal plan, create a grocery list, and grocery shop for the whole week, usually completing these tasks over the weekend. We make do with what we have and do not head to the store if we are short or missing something.

    I am looking forward to reading more on your blog, have a lovely weekend!


  2. That's absolutely beautiful–I love your color choice as well. Compliments the red hair--fellow redhead! ;)

  3. You know, I think I could actually make that, even with my very limited knitting skills. It is very retro-chic! Thanks.

  4. You just reminded me how much I love winter. Or, probably more accurately, love knitting in winter! (so why am I crocheting a large blanket in the height of summer? Sigh...)

  5. Oh, I love it! Your whole outfit is wonderful. :)

  6. That is adorable and beautiful, as are you! Thank you for sharing your pattern.

  7. Oh how fabulous! And it looks so perfect with your hair. I think I definitely need an ear warmer. Now if only I could have hair like yours too...!

    K x

  8. Great tutorial !!! I will have to try this for my girls! Warm and stylish!

  9. And yes would love tuto on the edging you did to yours! I am a visual learner too !

  10. yay! Can't wait to try this. It looks adorable.

  11. I think you did a wonderful job writing, and putting this tutorial together! The only thing I would suggest is abbreviations, just so it's a quicker read ;)

    Definitely looking forward to making this! Love how simple, yet stylish it is!

  12. I made this last night - thank you! I'm so warm :)


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