Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Stocking Stuffers: Monogram Mugs

For my brother and his lady, I made personalized mugs. I picked these up at Goodwill:

Then I followed the tutorial at Design Mom (found via SouleMama).

When I went to get the Pebeo pens, they were out of the fine tip in black, so my lines are a lot thicker than the original tutorial. But I really like how they turned out.

And most importantly, the recipients love them!

These mugs were so easy and fun to make, that now I have grand plans for many, many more next year at Christmas.


  1. Great idea and thank you so much for sharing the tutorial! xxx! from Holland

  2. What fabulous mugs! You should definitely do more :) K x

  3. Such a cute idea, and with a really nicely finished mug! Well done, I bet they're going to cherish them!

  4. Hi...I just saw your comment! Feel free to use any photo of mine that you need or want to :) So fun that you made the ear warmer! I have gotten so many requests for a pattern for it that I am actually in the middle of writing one, haha. Of course, as you know now, it will be the shortest/easiest pattern in the history of patterns! I am planning to post it later this week :)

    Thanks again for stopping by!


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