Friday, October 14, 2011

Needle-Felted Acorns (and Other Fall-Themed Goodies)

Not too long ago, I hosted a craft day at my house. To celebrate fall, I made needle-felted acorns that day. I've made some more since then, too. They're really fun and fast to make!

Just before the craft day when I was out on a walk with my guy, we collected a bunch of acorn caps.

I used some brown roving that I got at the Minnesota State Fair, from the alpaca booth.

And for those of you who haven't needle-felted before, I just took some of the roving and jabbed it over and over with a very sharp felting needle as I formed it into an acorn shape [highly satisfying to stab something repeatedly with a sharp needle - good for stress relief. ;)]

I had initially planned on putting a little glue inside the acorn cap to help hold the wool roving in, but actually it stays in really well without it.

My inspiration for the needle-felted acorns came from these lovely handmade velvet acorns that I got at a local gift store.

Here's one of them displayed in my vintage squirrel nutcracker:

It was my guy's idea to put an acorn there, and I think it looks pretty darn cute. (Oh, and the nutcracker was purchased a few years ago from The Sunday Times Market on Etsy).

In addition to the sweet acorns, I got some pumpkins made by the same woman. One for my mom:

And a few for our own fall decorations:

Monya, who makes the pumpkins, is from Minnesota. But if you don't live here, don't worry! Check her website to see where else you can get her pumpkins.


  1. Such a lovely post, those pumpkins and acorns are so beautiful!

    Thank you for sharing and inspiring
    and warm greetings from Holland,
    xxx Sas

  2. Your acorns are beauties (and you have fabulous looking acorn caps in your neck of the woods - ours are plain and dowdy-ish in comparison)...


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