Monday, May 30, 2011

MPLS Swappers: The Food

After my post about my first time participating in the MPLS Swappers event, I said I would be back to show you the food I came home with. Here it is!

First up, I traded for a dozen fresh eggs from backyard chickens. These make me so happy!

Next, homemade rhubarb sauce from rhubarb picked in the garden the day before the event.


Homemade sauerkraut with caraway seeds. I love sauerkraut so much, so I was really excited to get this.

And ginger syrup, packaged beautifully in a cool glass bottle. (This is the only one that I haven't used yet).

I traded the four jars of jam that I had brought for the four things above. But at the last minute, right as we were all packing up, another swapper asked if I would be willing to trade the sample jar of raspberry jam that I had brought with me for these pretzel sticks she had made.

I was more than happy to make the trade! These dipped pretzels were so good - milk chocolate on half of them, and the other half had white chocolate with dried cranberries and mango - a really delicious combo! These did not last around the house too long, I can tell you that.

Also as I was leaving, one of the hostesses asked if I would like to take a bag of seasoned popcorn along with me. She had made them for us to snack on during the swap, and there was some leftover. It was really good!

The following day, breakfast consisted of scrambled eggs on toast:

And rhubarb sauce on bread:

This sauce is so good, that some of it I just ate straight up with a spoon.

Another recent breakfast - french toast with rhubarb sauce:

And dinner the night after the swap? Grilled brats with homemade sauerkraut, plus some of the last of the dilly beans and salsa that I canned last summer. Oh, and Schell's Dark - a Minnesota beer (and hands-down my all time favorite beer from anywhere).

These meals have made me so happy. I have loved getting to eat all these delicious homemade treats, and have loved tasting the bounty from others' gardens and talents. Thank you to all of you who swapped with me. I am so looking forward to the June swap!


  1. I definitely would love to live in your part of the world. The swap looks like such a nice way to exchange goods and maybe to meet like-minded people. Your goods look amazing!

  2. What a fabulous idea! And I love the variety you came home with - yum!


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