Thursday, July 24, 2008

Creativity! At Last!

Do you ever start to feel less fulfilled when you haven't had the chance to do something creative? Sometimes the feeling sneaks up on me, and often I don't realize quite how much I've missed making things until I do it again. And then I wonder how I could have let so much time go by...

Recently I decided I NEEDED to make something. Without much time on my hands I wanted to do something I could finish at one go, and that I already had the supplies for. When I read about these sticky notes books over at greetingarts, I knew that it was the perfect project.

This was my first attempt. It's not perfect - I used quite crude tools for scoring, and because of that the measurements weren't quite right. It is supposed to be the size of one pack of post-it notes, but instead I used two to fill up the space. Also, I cut out the circles for the closure by hand, so they're a little wonky around the edges.

A few weeks and a trip to Archiver's later, and I had a score-er (which I have been wanting forEVER for my cardmaking) and a circle punch. Hooray! Attempt #2 for part of a birthday present for my friend went a little more smoothly.

And my friend, who is also a musician, got a cupcake cake in the shape of a guitar from me, as well. Nothing like Amy's beautiful creations, but hey - I did my best. :)

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  1. That is pretty good for a first try! I had never thought of making a guitar shaped cupcake cake!


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